We Love Inov8

It started for Jemma with a Pair of Mudclaws with the view of conquering her Spartan Trifecta and Liam wasn't far behind picking up a pair of bright orange Bare- X 135's for the gym. Now we have so many pairs of Inov8 training shoes it's almost like we're sponsored by them. We're not associated with Inov8 in any way apart from loving their shoes and it would take something extra special to switch either of us to another brand

Jemma's Inov8 Selection

Mudclaw 270- The shoe that started the frenzy back in February 2014. An absolute bargain off eBay. Awesome grip in the mud and surprisingly comfortable

F-lite 215- In fetching cerise pink and turquoise blue. A treat from Liam when my gym trainers were on their last legs. They're awesome for both lifting and on the treadmill. My gym only shoes and they only see the light of the gym carpet.

X-Talon 212- Another eBay bargain having only been used once (allegedly). These are my go-to pair for when it's muddy and I need drainage as they hold much less water than my 'Claws'
The X Talon 212- Light and fast for OCRs

F-Lite 239- A lovely Christmas surprise and featuring my favourite colour- PURPLE. These also stay for the gym only. 

Terrafly 277- With my old running shoes seriously in need of replacement the nice people at Rat Race decided to offer these for a ridiculous £34 with my season ticket discount. They're ideal for road and packed trail use so perfect around Sherwood Forest near home
Terrafly 277- awesome for mixing road and trail

Trailroc 245- Recently purchased for the trails and with a little splash of purple they fit like a glove and I'm really looking forward to trying them out at some trail running events this summer. Liam loves the look of them and is really jealous.
Lovely looking Trailroc 245's with purple. 

Road X-Lite 145- Another eBay bargain. Just waiting on their arrival.

Liam's Inov8 Selection

Bare-X 135's Bought for the gym they're still going strong 18 months later and in a very attention grabbing orange. Great for the treadmill

F-lite 230's. The shoes that made Jemma jealous for their full on purple colour scheme. I love them for the gym and they're like wearing a pair of slippers so almost perfect for driving to events too.
I hate bosu ball squats. But love my F-lite 230's
Mudclaw 300- The bright yellow mud machines. Having seen me never want for grip in the mud these are my go-to shoes for when the terrain demands it.

Road X 255- Purchased for those road runs you have to do during the winter. I don't like running on the pavement but at least I have a nice pair of comfortable shoes.

Crosslift 300- Sadly bought after seeing as a bargain on eBay whilst recovering from my leg fractures their high ankle puts pressure on the bones my pins are holding together so they're being saved until i'm back to normal and the pins are removed
Crosslift 300's ready for action- When my ankle recovers

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