Saturday, 21 February 2015

Jemma's First Goal for 2015- Qualification for the UK OCR Championships

We had some great news this week when it became apparent that one of our local races will be a qualifier for the UK Obstacle Course Racing Championships so Jemma has a new target on the agenda- Qualification for the 2015 UK OCR Championships. Roll on the Dash of the Titan. We'd not spotted that it would be a qualifier before entering but it's a nice bonus and helps Jemma with a great target for early 2015

The 2015 UK OCR Championships will be held at Nuclear Fallout in Essex, November 2015. Yes it's a long way to travel but if Jemma can qualify it will definitely be worth it. And would be an amazing achievement to go from overweight and unable to run to a national championship field. within literally 3years

A Little Video From Last Year's Dash of the Titan

Dash of the Titan (Although plural on the OCRAUK website in error) is on April 4th at Thoresby Park near Ollerton in the heart of the legendary Sherwood Forest. From the reports we've heard it's previously been more of a mud run but the soundings coming from Dash of the Titan is that they have a new team in place with the aim of creating a much better race for 2015 so it's definitely one to look forward to- especially on our doorstep.

Jemma's looking for a position in the top 20 women to qualify for the elite National championships or a top 10 in her age category (30-39) to compete in the senior wave.

Training is going well. We're seeing PB's in the gym so lets see what happens!

Liam and Jemma looking far too clean before a Spartan Race event
And my role at the Dash of the Titan? You'll likely see me on the site, I've offered my services to the race organisers as a marshal for the day so whilst Jemma has her fun on course I can still immerse myself in OCR in a different way. Plus as a nice bonus Dash of the Titan will offer me a reduced price entry to one of their future events which means I can enjoy the race in future as a racer when I'm back up to fitness.  

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